Equinix SV 5

Santa Clara, California

PSE was selected as the engineer of record for this 126,569 gsf two-story LEED certified building. This building stands as the fifth and largest new construction data center in Silicon Valley and compliments the existing data center on the site.

This structure, housing office and customer support areas, computer rooms and electrical and mechanical equpiment rooms, is supported on auger cast displacement piles at depths of up to 50’ to 60’. The first floor slab is supported on grade. Below the slab, there are concrete grade beams spanning in both directions connecting the pier caps. Additionally, cast in place concrete grade beams are provided at the perimeter of the building to support the exterior wall. The lateral force resisting system consists of concentrically braced steel frames. The frame occurs around the perimeter of the Colocation space, electrical space and office space. Additionally, due to the long span of the building in the East-West direction, bracing is provided within the Colocation and electrical spaces.

Attempting LEED Certification for data centers is particularly challenging; points for energy savings and natural lighting are not feasible because of inherent design, safety and security issues in these types of structures. Therefore, the focus of this LEED building is on finding ways to mitigate the impact on the environment through mandatory recycling programs, reduced usage of indoor lighting, and the use of renewable and local materials for construction.

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