249 E. Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, California

As part of Paradigm’s continued support to Alexandria Real Estate Equities, the largest provider of real estate to the life sciences industries, PSE was selected to be the structural engineer for the first of five buildings at the site.

The ±130,000 gsf, four story, steel framed building is supported on driven precast concrete piles. The variability of the depth of the bay mud depth on the site necessitated special attention to the length of the driven piles. Should the shorter piles offer an increased amount of stiffness, as would be the case in a typical design, those shorter piles would take a greater proportion of lateral loads relative to the less stiff longer piles during a seismic event. To mitigate this concern, our engineers gave particular attention to this portion of the detailing.

The superstructure design also included selecting optimal locations for high density files, and a design to accommodate a significant amount of mounted roof equipment. The Lateral Force Resisting System for this building consisted of a series of Specially Concentric Braced Frames (SCBF’s) typically located at the perimeter building line with a single brace buried in the wall of the stairwell to reduce the visual impact of the braces on the exterior of the building.

249_close_up 249_back_view