Expanding our International Portfolio: New Base Isolated Structure in Turkey

PSE begins design on new Base Isolated structure for prominent tech company

This month our engineers will begin the design of a new mission critical facility for a well known technology company in Turkey. Our structural design for the facility will incorporate Base Isolation, a cost effective design enhancement that provides superior security for critical building contents.

Base Isolation, widely recognized as the most advanced and successful system to limit building damage during a seismic event, involves insertion of isolation bearing pads into major load-carrying elements, under the columns, in the base of a structure. This system can also require creation of a basement and installation of independent perimeter retaining walls under the building, known as “moat” walls.

The system allows the building to displace independently from the ground, dramatically reducing accelerations experience by the building and its contents during an earthquake. Often used in the retrofit of historical buildings and structures that house essential services (ie-hospitals) or critical contents (ie-mainframe computer operations, telecommunications), Base Isolation systems generally continue to perform adequately over the life of buildings without requiring replacement after a seismic event.

Base Isolated buildings are still relatively rare in the United States where there are only about 100 Base Isolated commercial buildings; in contrast, Base Isolation is used widely in Japan, even on private homes.

Structural Detail of Base Isolator