First IKEA store in Dallas/Fort Worth area

Paradigm featured as part of the design and construction team for their work on the first IKEA store in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

Marci Grossman


Known for their huge blue and yellow buildings, reasonably priced furniture and huge selection of all things household, IKEA stores are welcome additions to the communities in which they open. In August 2005, the second IKEA store in Texas and the first IKEA store in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was opened in Frisco. The two-story, cast-in-place tiltwall IKEA Frisco building is set on a 20-acre lot, which includes 1,400 parking spaces and a new roadway…

Although IKEA is known for the similarity of its stores, they are not merely cookie-cutter images of one another. Ralph R. Windle, AIA, NCARB of Hermes Architects, Inc., the project’s architect, said, “On the surface the stores may look similar because of their standard prototype, but each [store] gets a chance to adjust the layout for new trends or local conditions.

While IKEA is a huge company with very specific designs and goals in mind, it also has a team-minded corporate culture, which extends to all members of the project team. The end result is a successful new store serving a happy community, Williams said, “This project was a great example of a true team effort among the owner, the architect, and the general contractor.