Engineers Alliance for the Arts

SAN FRANCISCO (March 10, 2009)

In addition to encouraging our engineers to attend technical seminars and participate in industry associations, Paradigm also supports and congratulates our engineers in their philanthropic endeavors.PSE Project Engineer, Philip Bastiao, is currently participating in an eight-week outreach program at San Francisco School of the Arts High School which strives to teach students engineering principles through the arts.

More about the program from the “Engineers Alliance for the Arts” website:

“EAA’s Student Impact Project is a powerful vehicle for members of the structural engineering profession to make an incredible impact on the lives and futures of many young people.

Structural engineers volunteer their time to teach high school students about art and engineering during an eight-week program from February to April, with a final event in PG&E’s auditorium with all participating teams presenting their bridges. The program takes place in high schools in San Francisco and the East Bay. A team of four engineers jointly teaches each class. An experienced lead engineer coordinates volunteer engineer teams."